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Jan 16, 2010 8:14am EST
has again rejected most of hamid karz karzai's cabinet choices. >>> nba star gilbert arenas has pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge. related to bringing guns into the washington wizards locker room. prosecutors are seeking a sentence of six months or less. as part of plea deal. a judge could give him up to five years in prison. he's been suspended indefinitely without pay. by the nba. >>> and nbc is reportedly near an agreement with conan o'brien to leave the network. the deal would bring jay leno back to late-night tv after failing to get big ratings in prime time. the move would pay o'brien to walk away but might limit his future employment at another network. >>> it was graduation day for britain's prince william. william finished an advanced helicopter training course. his father presented him with the badge. he's now a little bit closer to becoming a fully qualified search and rescue pilot with the royal air force. that's first look at the headlines, back to you, bill. >> dad/prince gives you that moment. good so see. a happy belated new year to you. >> i feel like i have
Jan 18, 2010 7:00am EST
of this on the day when hamid karzai's ministers were due to be signed in, juju. >> thanks. >>> we're learning more about "the new york times" reports that the obama administration was warned on december 22nd about a christmas attack from yemen. they also learned that a man named umar farouk, and even a warning in septemb about the explosive used in the botched attack. >>> it appears google isn't giving up on china just yet. talks are reportedly under way between the company and the chinese government over censorship. the. >>> the yjets have done it. they stuffed the chargers 17-14. and they take on the top-seeded colts in the nfc. >> and, and, and -- >> something that robin is concerned about, i'm not sure which one. that's the news at 7:14. >> got back to see a little bit of the saints game and it soots the soul. brett favre and the mikings. >> the first 40-year-old to play in the playoffs. >> he could have a good game, but the saints are going to win. what a boost that would be for new orleans if that would be the case. >>> i know sam champion wants to weigh in on all of
Jan 1, 2010 7:00am EST
that president karzai in afghanistan starts to reform governance, that they begin to deal with corruption, perhaps they can begin to secure some areas outside of kabul where the government has control but it doesn't in a lot of other areas in that country. if they show at that trajectory is going the right direction, i think that will help in 2010. the other point i would make very quickly, 2010, american troops will begin to start coming back from iraq. that means that the president will be fulfilling a promise that he made during the campaign to return american service membs from that countries are from that war. that may help a little bit. >> even symbolically, that help. dan, thanks so much. sam, cokie, great to see you. over to sam champion with some of this year's new year's resolutions. >> yeah, call it the personal policymaking. nearly half of americans will make a new year's resolutions. only half of us, i think that's generous, will stick to them after six months. what are the most popular promises that we make to ourselves? the number one resolution, of course, lose
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)